Vehicle Risk Assessments

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The development of the vehicle calculator came from the various consultancies that we have completed over the past 15 years. It appears as if there is no concise risk calculator for earth moving machinery with various risk factors all being considered independently. The premise behind the calculator was to build in all relevant risk factors into one concise document, thus the end users has comprehensive break down of all the relevant risk factors pertaining to ergonomics and occupational hygiene risk.

The current calculator considers Human variables, RULA assessment, vibration risk, visibility risk and ergonomics design risk. We can build in ventilation and noise risk if needed by the client. However in South Africa the latter two measurements have to be completed by a registered Occupational Hygienist, all the other components can be measured by a qualified Ergonomist.

The calculator is easy to use and practical in application. The beauty of the calculator is that any variables, such as vibration, that have been measured prior to implementation of the calculator can simply be inserted in into the calculator.

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