Ergonomics Regulations have now been Promulgated in South Africa. Contact us to jump start your ergonomics programe

Certified Professional Ergonomists, with over 24 years of experience in Ergonomic risk assessments and training. Experts in developing turnkey ergonomic software solutions for your specific business requirements.

Ergonomic consulting

We specialise in Ergonomics risk assessment for both industrial and office environments. We make use of our proprietary Ergokinetics software that quantifies and prioritises the risks.

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Ergonomics Training

Our Risk Auditors course was developed to train you to conduct basic Ergonomic Risk assessments. Our proprietary Ergokinetics software is included with the first year lisence free.

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Mining Ergonomics

We have developed ergonomics programs to address the various Department of Mineral Resources COP's pertaining to ergonomics. From fitness to work to TMM Risk assessments.

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