Day Courses 

ERG- 01 The role of Ergonomics in African Industries

ERG- 02 Ergonomics and Anthropometry Principles

ERG- 03 Ergonomics and Manual Materials Handling and Biomechanical Principles

ERG- 04 Ergonomics and Work Physiology

ERG- 05 Ergonomics and Man-Environment

ERG- 06 Ergonomics and The office Environment

ERG- 07 Ergonomics and Work- Related Upper Limb Disorder’s (WRULD’s)

ERG- 08 Employee Education in WRULD’s

ERG- 09 Ergonomics – Employee education in Lifting Techniques and Manual Material                        Handling

ERG-10 Introduction to Ergonomics

Extended course

ERG-13 General Ergonomics Concepts – 2 days

ERG- 14 Ergonomics Risk Auditors Course – 3 days


Courses/Presentations can be tailored to suit a client’s specific needs.