Office Ergonomics

Our proprietary Ergokinetics risk software is incorporated into our office Ergonomicsassessments, which establishes the relationship between your body and your specific working environment. No two people are alike and many of us have a particular means of completing tasks. This makes office Ergonomics highly individualized as we have to accommodate your body size and shape, your habits as well as working activities. During the assessment, each employee receives an individualized report that can be used for future reference. During the assessments, we will advise if the end user requires additional or new office equipment to facilitate the appropriate Ergonomics set-up.

Office Ergonomics is more about making people aware of their habits and providing information to allow them to decide which measures are best for them to work safely.


  • Establish company consolidated ergonomics risk profile.
  • Identification of high risk workstations, per department.
  • Risk profile for each employee.
  • Consolidated discomfort risk, per department and bodily area.
  • Computer risk profile.
  • Absenteeism rate due to discomforts and pain.
  • Individual ergonomics set-up.
  • Comprehensive individualised reports, that can be used at hot desks if needed.
  • Office furniture compliance to international standards.
  • Establish training requirements.

How do we complete our risk identification surveys?

We make use of our self-developed risk identification software, which references international standards. A qualified consultant will assess every workstation within the company. The assessment has very little impact on the productivity of the employee. The assessment will consider the following variables and present the findings in a concise user-friendly report, which clearly identifies if there is an overall ergonomics risk as well as which variable/s are contributing to the risk.

  • Human variables.
  • Task variables.
  • Employees discomfort and/or pain.
  • The working environment.
  • Posture analysis.
  • Work organisation

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