Ergonomics Training (HPCSA, SAIOSH and  SAIOH CPD points available)

Ergomax Holdings (Pty) Ltd has developed a reputation for outstanding Ergonomics education throughout Africa. The vision of our Ergonomics Training is to be the top provider of Ergonomics education, training and consulting to the corporate and public South African market. We strive to uplift and continuously improve the quality of our products and services and as well as the learner’s needs by providing the most cost effective products and services to all learners to enable them to achieve national qualifications and standards.

We have completed extensive work in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia.Our training offers theoretical as well as practical Ergonomics principles adapted for the African market. Our enthusiastic highly qualified trainers will offer a course that is relevant to the African market and most importantly provides a viable application route for the Science of Ergonomics. In addition to the theoretical knowledge all attendees will receive our self-developed Ergokinetics software which will enable them to easily commence with Ergonomic risk assessments.

Our courses are Registered with HPCSA; SAIOSH and SAIOH

Ergomax Training Experience:

M.Sc. Qualified Ergonomists and Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are experienced Ergonomists who have completed numerous Ergonomics surveys thus allowing the practical application of the science to be tailored to your specific companies needs.

Practical Approach

Ergonomicsis often perceived to be too theoretical and little practical application information is available. Our courses are designed to bring the Science of Ergonomicsto the real-world, a simple “what is wrong? and how to fix it approach”. With our software, learners will immediately be able to complete basic Ergonomics risk assessmentsfor Manual Materials Handling, Work-related Upper Limb Disorders and Office Ergonomics.

Customised Training

When completing an in-house Ergonomics Risk AuditorsCourse we can tailor that course to your specific industry needs thus allowing one to solve actual Ergonomicchallenges in your company.