ergonomic risk factors - risks ahead signErgonomics Programme

When a company begins to look at ergonomics and how to implement an effective process, the reasonable starting point is to complete a basic risk identification, and the point that defines how a company will approach the analysis and abatement of ergonomics. The correct and accurate identification of risks are essential when starting an ergonomics programme.


 Outcomes :

  • Clear prioritization of Ergonomics risks.

  • Identification of high risk tasks.

  • Establish training requirements.

  • Prioritization of controls to accommodate the widest range of personnel.

How do we complete our risk identification surveys?

We make use of our self-developed risk identification software, which references international standards. A qualified consultant will assess every workstation within the company. The assessment has very little impact on the productivity of the employee.

The assessment will consider the following variables and present the findings in a concise user friendly report, which clearly identifies if there is an overall ergonomics risk as well as which variable/s are contributing to the risk.

  • Task variables.

  • Employees discomfort and/or pain.

  • The working environment.

  • Posture analysis.

  • Handling aids and equipment.

  • Individual capacity.

  • Work organisation